Eric Trondson-Clinger

i got the saddest ol' feeling today
cause Wayne the landlord made me feel bad

the nicest of men!
i know!

But when he came by to see what was the matter
what, with no electric lantern and all
and the windowless window, NO LESS!

And then the Mister Landlord said unto me
     "What up?!?"

And then i must tell him all my pitiful wrongdoings
because of the days i enjoyed the drink.

And then it comes!
He says to me,

"Well, son, if you can't make ends meet in this apartment,
there aint nowhere where you'll make out fine!"

     i thought, "The nerve!"
     but then i double-thought, "His nerves are right!"

And that's how the sad murky night came to rest upon my shoulders.