Flickering light illuminates Peace man
beat down interlude. Voice trails down the
hall seeps in somehow spreads like disease
bleeds through the walls. Eardrums tremble
crackle in terror hide out take a walk for
a while on the verge of not coming back.
Painted riders on the warpath disentegrate
in broken relapse watch them flash past
never look back. Mind, soap and water can't
do white faded black memories won't come
clean. Lost at home away from nowhere soon
to be gone only flesh and bones. Now it's
time can't erase what can't be remembered.
Audibly published thoughts for too many keep
me strung out can't open up. You don't
belong cheered not in unison too by two
sides too many to any story stumbles blinding.
Deafness requested enjoying what's not in the
air goes great division. Movement sprung from
recorded vibes down on my luck time to be had.
Can't find what I want but haven't been looking.

        Pen moves on forbidden return can't undo
the flickering of the light. Sight. Fright.
Delight on top of the world falling fast. Fadeout.

—Sean Hegarty