patty on speed

so tell me...

what do ya do in a world that digs this and that, when you be diggin the this and that? this don't dig that, and that don't dig this, so neither dig ya, and you lose. well-likedness is goin all around, but the diggedy dag dug aint be fallin upon the me or nether. the neither and either, that is what all day i do and dander. so yes, this is the dig this is the undig, and who is there? not a me to be found, but ah well, what comes of this is the either and the neither. i could be that i could be this, but dug i aint be doin. boredom would then set in and all would be foregone. so that status is the trondson-clinger on this day of patty, and speakin of the patti dag, she is the doggone. ahh..but the asshole prevails always and little teeny etcetera is left out in the cold. plus the quietness of all liliaceous ladies during the daytime, but the not so great be hung up and luvin me to the end of elderly blond digs. you know? so tell me...what do ya do?

i gotta get out and do this, fuck that. ya know? but ah well respites have taken enough time, so here i go imbibing the loneliness of my days. yet again. so tell me...

what do you do. what do you do.

—Eric Trondson-Clinger