Y Modem

"What were you looking for?"

"I don't know."

"How much were you planning on spending?"

"I don't know."

He smiled, and looked up the most expensive thing before taking the college guy's credit card. For a couple minutes the A-Z Computers' salesman barked along the technical lines of what "this little baby can do", and H continued to nod because his mother thought he was a complete dork, and that's the only opinion along those lines he needed in his life.

The computer was fully installed and the credit card felt a little warm. H got it home and began punching up his America On-line trial membership, eager as his own personal hell to get set up and start looking at those gif files. Hustler On-line was about as expensive as you could get, if you couldn't get it up close and personal. He'd settle for PG-13, maybe a couple R rated photos and forget about X for now. Just tits in swimsuits coming over the computer lines in the form of pictures was enough for the filling out of H's fantasy.

The dog barked and mom said, "Wait till I'm out, okay?" before H realized his dick was out and doing things unnatural. "I just wanted to make sure.." She picked up the clothes on his floor and put them in the basket. He couldn't hear anything because of the damn washer going full speed with the first load. But he was glad for 1 thing.... and he never bothered locking or even closing his door again.

The pictures piled up on his computer disk and H needed the extra bread to lash out on some new blank ones. Mom gave him a quarter for watering the plants each day, but it was no more than slave labor. Until he got that job driving the snow plow in the apt. complex. But the 1st month's salary begrudgingly went to his cousin Jody's Operation, because grandma had Told him he had to get him Some kind of something for his birthday, and the only thing the little prick wanted was something that cost More than your common board game. Busted. Not a wank to be had in the whole house once H was used to all those "old" pictures. The half a Playboy he kept in his shoe was beginning to stink, and all the goddamn plants were Camels.

A couple days a week he'd go the shopping center a half a mile away and look in all the smudged windows for signs needing work. The sandwich shop was tired of seeing the asshole, and gave him a free lunch so he'd stop hanging around, but when H got back he lost it in a single go. Mom was at the PC, clicking her mouse with one hand, the other in a secret place known only to mothers and their sons who watch them. She was getting off big time with a cast photo of General Hospital, but the sound of vomit took all the surprise out of that situation, and a nude mom jumped up, her sweaty mammaries glistening in the slight February breeze. The window was open because it was warmer for that time...of.... H didn't care, but kept looking at her because she kept showing it. Surprise? Or...?... they looked away, and said nothing about it for 5 nights of dinner with dad.

But he went off for the weekend, like he did every weekend to the hotel. Dad owned a collectible's store and toured the Holiday Inns, but there was an instant generation gap here, that dad was sorry of. Out of all the sons he Could've had, H didn't care a flame about sci-fi paperbacks. Mom was afraid of having to gather the clothes, the door was locked now, and the grunting noises made her wish they could be closer. Watching General Hospital just wasn't the same thing. They moved too fast. She'd tried writing the guys there, but they never answered, and with a third of a dollar going for a measly 1 stamp, they weren't about to write back to every housewife let alone spend a couple bucks to send a photo to someone who was going to watch the show Anyway. And her twat began to itch for it.

She called him for lunch and they sat in front of tv watching a tape of Open All Hours, but H wasn't into the British show, he knew it was the end of the week and AO'd be uploading some new meat into the viewer; he wolfed what she gave him on the plate. It wasn't until he couldn't swallow it that he realized he'd eaten half a 5. Mom smiled when he looked over, and she held up another honest Abe.

They went into the room, and he switched it on. It was already hot from the last time, but the local bus video still steamrolled to the Program Manager for Windows screen, and mom seated herself, H leaning over to click his AO icon. She felt nothing until the images started coming in, and they took turns. First, she got a "Steve in shower by small brown dog", then he flipped out his dick when it was his turn to view the "Cindy in dust cloth and oiled breasts. Very sexy". When he would click his choice, something strange began, and mom pushed herself to resist the urge to mouth H's muscular bare forearm. But when mom started her 2nd session of twirling her privates to the gif of "Dirk being naughty with hoe", there was little to contain himself. At least he shook his head when she'd cum and tried to give him the money.

They looked at each other for a long moment. Sizing ea. other up. Wondering where the Holiday Inn was this week, and how many miles away....

The chair squeaked but other than that showed not much bother with being 2 to a seat. Both nude. She on him, they began to click faster and faster.

—Ben Ohmart