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I don't like overtly political or nature writing. I'm not political, and I live in the city. You can e-mail your writing to me or send it through the mail at the following address:

Eric Trondson-Clinger
741 Holly Avenue #7
St. Paul, MN 55104

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Special Thanks to:
Issue One

The Tre Cool Dankes go out to all the beautiful Misses....Pirkl, Leiser, Pearthree, Pedersen, the Puerto-Rican-non-jew Lisa, Laura, Ann, the pink-sunglassed-math-girl at Johnson, the peroxided catholic school girl walking along Lexington near the Como Lake (who I regret to this day, not stopping the car and asking if I could take her picture), Dana, and all other miscellaneous crushes of my years, from the Shari Wilson's and Loni Anderson's of 1st grade to Amy of BigDog's 1996 New Year's party.

And they go out to the way tre macho men of Mister: Scott "Hap" Hanson (lipe bailm), Commander-in-Chief Bailey, Bryan Scott (you need padded walls, man) , Miguel Campbell (I miss the dorm, dear sir) (which brings to mind another beautiful Miss i must not forget, the wonderful Amy Johnston Campbell, or whatever the hell she's callin herself these days, and while I'm at it and doin' the family, Miss Sarah Flatgard, without whom I'd have noone to talk with complete and total frankess about S-E-X), Asher Glaser (no you can't have a sip), Sean Brockway (and all your friends who are so good at getting me drunk), Erwin Venegas (we miss you), Jamie Woolford, all them Loin Groove guys I've lost touch with (where are you ben?), Devor Barton, Christian Paulson (you go with the eight-tracks boy), Chad Langness and Matt Lindahl (a match made in heaven), and Michael Raveling, you crazy fuck you.

And the dear ladyfriends: the Supersweet Jessie D., and therefore Emily G. (I don't usually see you, but I dig you I do), Rosie (911-4603), Emily of mid-afternoon jams, and also Miss Yumeca, who um, ROCKS.

And also the miscellaneous few, Roxanne, who cuts my hair and sang the same-named Police song to me, Wayne the landlord, the coolest landlord and hopefully sympathetic, since this thing here is causing my rent to be late, and all the wonderful teachers of my life who are nothing short of tits.

And also of course the family, Gramps and Grams Smith, the forever missed Gramps and Grams Clinger and also the Trondson ones, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins everywhere, Dan who is as much as part of the family as you can get, the sassy sisses: Sarah, Betsy and Pat, the swashbuckling bros: Tron and Ted, and the people I owe everything to (including the hundreds of dollars I've borrowed since graduation) Pa Trondson and Pa Clinger, and Ma Smith. Thank all y'all. And some shit.

Issue Two
I think I pretty much covered all the thank you's in the last issue, I believe it's called everybody-I've-ever-met-gets-thanked. But for the specifics/new/just in the recent time here, I'll thank Ma and Pa, Sarah, Tron, Asher, Miguel, American Bank (kinda), Ben Folds Five, Audra, Devor, Matt, Scott and his NCAA pool, and piano players everywhere. And a nice FUCK YOU to bill collectors. Goodnight.

Issue Three
I'd like to thank anyone who has ever done anything that's brought a tear to my eye, put a spring in my step, made me shake my moneymaker or put a chill down my spine.

Grandpa, I'll never meet a better man.