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December 30, 2001

No, never *insert exclaimation point*

Posted at 11:11 PM, by Imelda.

December 29, 2001

There is a clam in the tank at the Waikiki Aquarium that looks like a giant vagina.

Posted at 3:50 PM, by werenotdeep.

He said he listened to this song for 150 miles through florida.

Posted at 3:21 PM, by werenotdeep.

Go forth and don't wait as long as the fifth.

Posted at 3:07 PM, by Eric Trondson-Clinger.

There's a shorthand typist taking seconds over minutes.

Posted at 3:00 PM, by werenotdeep.

Much like MacArthur, I have returned.

Posted at 2:54 PM, by werenotdeep.

December 28, 2001

The Age of Reason is overrated.

Posted at 2:09 PM, by emily oi!.

December 27, 2001

Who stole my exfoliating pants?

Posted at 10:36 PM, by emily oi!.

if it is not cold, it is not ice.

Posted at 9:04 PM, by emily oi!.

my feet hurt.

Posted at 9:04 PM, by emily oi!.

If you have a lens, you can look through it with the help of your eye.

Posted at 6:03 PM, by Imelda.

They told me to turn it down, but I didn't have it on.

Posted at 1:23 PM, by Eric Trondson-Clinger.

December 25, 2001

So I says to the hamburger cook, I says, "Hey Patty!"...

Posted at 8:48 PM, by emily oi!.

December 24, 2001

Sharpies can be used to write on cocks.

Posted at 1:08 PM, by Eric Trondson-Clinger.

December 23, 2001

Kyle left the band.

Posted at 8:10 PM, by Eric Trondson-Clinger.

December 22, 2001

Kim is still in the band.

Posted at 11:40 PM, by Eric Trondson-Clinger.

Ohio is not interesting. --- Ohio is Not Interesting.

Posted at 11:44 AM, by emily oi!.

That's what I thought.

Posted at 6:14 AM, by Imelda.

What's your problem?

Posted at 6:13 AM, by Imelda.

December 21, 2001

Paco Pico Playground.

Posted at 6:17 PM, by Eric Trondson-Clinger.

pocket full of posies.

Posted at 6:11 AM, by emily oi!.

December 20, 2001

If I had a time machine, I'd go back to yesterday and tell myself not to eat so much damn yoghurt.

Posted at 3:51 PM, by emily oi!.

Jesus sure is famous.

Posted at 3:13 PM, by Eric Trondson-Clinger.

We will rock your house of cards.

Posted at 2:25 PM, by werenotdeep.

The switchplate in the bathroom that controls the fan and the heat lamp dial has a little logo on it that says "Broan", and it has a little roof-shaped symbol over it, complete with chimminey.

Posted at 12:03 PM, by werenotdeep.

December 19, 2001

Light rail behind a heavy tractor.

Posted at 2:57 PM, by werenotdeep.

I dig my moppy surfer boy hairdo.

Posted at 2:54 PM, by werenotdeep.

French people are big fans of black ink.

Posted at 2:38 PM, by Eric Trondson-Clinger.

December 18, 2001

Alvin, Simon, The-o-dor!

Posted at 6:30 PM, by emily oi!.

I wish I had something made of lint.

Posted at 11:35 AM, by Ozzyopolis.

This is fresh, raw comedy.

Posted at 11:04 AM, by werenotdeep.

December 17, 2001

it would be nice to live in a world without cold feet, but i don't foresee that happening. oh no.

Posted at 7:12 PM, by emily oi!.

It would be really nice to live in a world without plagarism. Just kidding.

Posted at 6:35 PM, by werenotdeep.

"It would be really nice if it really could happen that you could get so busy having fun that you would forget to be sad."

Posted at 6:24 PM, by emily oi!.

By the authority vested in me by the guy who gives a shit, I declare this CD not cool.

Posted at 6:23 PM, by werenotdeep.


Posted at 5:29 PM, by Eric Trondson-Clinger.

Porgie and Bess broke up.

Posted at 4:58 PM, by emily oi!.

Attack of the killer tomatoes!

Posted at 4:34 PM, by emily oi!.

My fork has a bent tine.

Posted at 10:11 AM, by werenotdeep.

Beat it.

Posted at 2:30 AM, by Imelda.

Oh my gawd, I've died and gone to heaven!

Posted at 2:28 AM, by Imelda.

December 14, 2001

My boss used to work for Ferdinand Marcos.

Posted at 4:07 PM, by werenotdeep.

The lead singer for Molly Hatchet is in love with my boss.

Posted at 11:13 AM, by Eric Trondson-Clinger.

They never give you medals for standing in line for a long time.

Posted at 10:16 AM, by werenotdeep.

I want to have a car named the Dodge Donut.

Posted at 10:08 AM, by werenotdeep.

Booga booga.

Posted at 8:46 AM, by Ozzyopolis.

December 13, 2001

he ate Cinnamon.

Posted at 9:41 PM, by emily oi!.

The password is: stupid.

Posted at 6:12 PM, by Olivia.

Post to Not Interesting.

Posted at 1:29 PM, by Eric Trondson-Clinger.

December 12, 2001

there are how many mules in borax??

Posted at 6:19 PM, by emily oi!.


Posted at 2:35 PM, by werenotdeep.

Joy to the world.

Posted at 1:26 AM, by Eric Trondson-Clinger.

December 11, 2001

Craig wrote his number on me.

Posted at 3:51 PM, by werenotdeep.

December 10, 2001

It is dark and windy outside. Brrrrr.

Posted at 7:54 PM, by Olivia.

Some girls are virtually the same size as others; some girls' mothers are virtually the same size as other girls' mothers.

Posted at 9:42 AM, by werenotdeep.

December 09, 2001

Fake, fake, fake ... fake.

Posted at 2:30 AM, by Imelda.

Sing it man, just sing it.

Posted at 2:29 AM, by Imelda.

I've done it already; that's the problem.

Posted at 2:29 AM, by Imelda.

December 08, 2001

Pied mean potatos.

Posted at 1:26 PM, by Eric Trondson-Clinger.

You're tellin' me?

Posted at 3:02 AM, by Eric Trondson-Clinger.

Talk to me.

Posted at 1:31 AM, by Eric Trondson-Clinger.

Rodeo-thrills galore!

Posted at 12:09 AM, by Olivia.

December 07, 2001

Spencer konnives.

Posted at 5:06 PM, by werenotdeep.

How did yellow become the default color of post-its?

Posted at 5:05 PM, by werenotdeep.

This bottle of Dasani is dry.

Posted at 4:58 PM, by werenotdeep.

Some of us should go now, but not all.

Posted at 1:18 PM, by werenotdeep.

I guess the garbage men weren't kidding.

Posted at 1:05 PM, by werenotdeep.

Did you see that?

Posted at 12:31 PM, by Eric Trondson-Clinger.

Many of the movies that I have seen were neither the the best nor the worst movies I have ever seen.

Posted at 10:26 AM, by werenotdeep.

"Mom dad tar rat tab bat racecar tab bat rat tar dad mom" may not make any sense, but it is nevertheless a palandrome.

Posted at 10:19 AM, by werenotdeep.

December 06, 2001

somehow i disapeared

Posted at 11:00 PM, by Olivia.

The first thing on the list says "Call Soriano". The third thing says "Magnets".

Posted at 10:40 AM, by werenotdeep.

December 05, 2001

Ain't no business like show business.

Posted at 10:14 PM, by Eric Trondson-Clinger.

As you approach the speed of light, you will begin to notice its indifference to your arrival.

Posted at 4:27 PM, by werenotdeep.

Matt was always fatter than Brent.

Posted at 11:32 AM, by werenotdeep.

I never doubted his word for an instant, but in accordance with company policy, I still made him pee into a cup.

Posted at 11:31 AM, by werenotdeep.

Tell me about it.

Posted at 9:15 AM, by Eric Trondson-Clinger.

December 04, 2001

Oceanview Seven at one time had a CS# of 323D0I28 and is the 14th account on the fifth list of accounts acquired from SAI Command Centers.

Posted at 6:02 PM, by werenotdeep.

The current year and your street number sometimes coencide.

Posted at 12:31 PM, by werenotdeep.

I didn't apologize once and I often procrastinate. The sound card isn't working properly.

Posted at 12:22 PM, by werenotdeep.

A surprisingly high number of land-locked states have laws outlawing whale hunting.

Posted at 10:25 AM, by werenotdeep.

December 03, 2001

Since my review and recommendation of the HighMark steno notebook, I've been inundated with requests for my preferred college-ruled notebook. I've tested every brand available in my region, but none have met the high standards necessary for a personal endorsement. The only thing I can recommend is to write in very small letters into the exemplary HighMark Steno notebook.

Posted at 9:39 PM, by Eric Trondson-Clinger.

Did you know that Cheeze Whiz contains no real cheese?

Posted at 10:31 AM, by Ozzyopolis.

December 01, 2001

Click it went.

Posted at 12:02 AM, by Imelda.

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