The Two Cats
Eric Trondson-Clinger
(Fourth Grade)

Once there were two cats. Their masters moved away. They brought the cats with them. Then the cats walked back to the old house. There wasn't any food though, and they couldn't remember the way back. Then the masters came back to clean up. They found the cats and brought them back. They locked them in the house. But they got away again, and then walked to the old house. Their masters weren't quite done cleaning up though. So they came back to clean up, and they found the cats. Then the masters brought them back up to the new house. Then the masters tried really hard to keep them in the new house, but they got away and went to the old house again and there wasn't any food and they couldn't remember the way back. Then their masters had a garage sale, and the found their cats. Since then the cats stayed home.