Interview: Talking Crystal Ball
Interview by Eric Trondson-Clinger

Will I find love in the next week?
The spirits predict yes.
Is it the type of love I want?
without a doubt
The love I want the most?
Concentrate and ask again.
Will it be the type of love I want the most?
Consult me later.
Will I kiss a woman in the next week?
Is it anyone I know already?
Is it my mother?
It will come to pass.
Will my mother be the person i kiss in the next week?
the spirits predict yes.
Do i rock?
Why didn't I rock when i asked earlier?
did I rock earlier?
The images are cloudy.
Were you lying earlier when i asked you if I rocked?
It doesn't look good.
It doesn't look good for your reputation of honesty?
Very doubtful.
Should I stop or keep going on with these questions?


A recipe from the magic crystal ball!

1. Get a few buckets full of corn
2. Bring it home.
3. Let's eat it!