City Stories
Mary Jane

Story one

sweet city woman grabbin' on do watb boo see bow, bow bow see bo bo bo. Rockin' the 70's until the neighbors leave and writing all is good. Rock on everything, lickin lickin lickin the photo chemicals. sweet sweet city of St. Paul. St. Paul woman. Rockin' me and only me. Till the end of day. sweet sweet sweet mouthy tasty good way till the end of the song rockin' on. Rock on, Rockin' the beat till it's done. End of song. wrockin wreckin' till all the chance chants chance. A chance chants some cc. Rockin' across the forever sunny country America. the only to be a man three get down letting all flow go. May be go back, I'll go back. Respain respain my roots the andalusion way of all my goings. Take that chance on me. till all so I'll go. We'll go. Go Go GO. But with very best sorry. Ssorry. Ssorry. Yes. yes Yes. Tired way at all angelic faces kissing kissing missing me. wanting red lips red cheeks. Eyebrows.

Story two

Goe to Memphis, it is the answer, drive until none other shines down, all going way of youth non stop rama jama, slow slow triplets of travel, nonstop running running all through the night. Live unto me lord. getting all until night, grey green beautiful world shines onto me like none others. I am the new One. I am the only One. One is the loneliest number. The different ways hip cool, slag bag. Togetherness rocking all though. no other can do that. Only the blood. Rawking the rock rule world. A little time is all I need. Cradle your arms. Love your thighs. Rocking all mai ties. Suit onto all. Till it is good. Rocking all together racists. Meeking the weak mocking the woks. Living all till the end. Coming too soon.