Eric Trondson-Clinger

This stupid shit whore of all my days. Jesus H Christ man what ya gotta do to get some shit around here. Come on big man up there in my head. Let's go get us some voodoo love lounge. The lounge lizard love of my boring rot-filled mother of a boy damn. What what what Now I have to go tomorrow and fillout the Mikhail goddamn papers and slow my self and let myself wither up because of that damned slow Russian boy. Jesus. now what is is it that makes us go round the world and stop in a self dazed light going home until god has torn my lantern down. Yeah so um I guess that's all for tinight but no I have to keep going so I can learn how to fill my days with this stuff of the good rice chex variety and not the clerical days of lantern lows. Down low low sweet suburu chariot crash down side of doors not leading to the damned ride and the soda cans pop of belly and slow lethargin child love. For I am past my time and now how do you catch up? don't know. Live at home and compromise for the one that fits down your lane o at the 7-11. johnson has it goin on and every body down here knows how to Join theforce of love and happi and joy joy boy. Actually I guess the boys. Because You know. have to go down that lane before you do because who knows what's at the end of that dead end? you now road! Yes. So I need the enthu of my beautiful life ahead with The Sandra B in inside crowds, secret little winks only you can know Mister Trondson-Clinger. So now the bye bye. We'll see.