ex urbania
metropolitan musings
Zarya Chylde

we stood on the corner
lonsdale and 2nd
and it was the first night of my life
a moonless clear and the sky was crying
tears of starlight
raining down on us
i said it was beautiful
and you said I made the world beautiful

itís ten p.m. in
and iím standing sleeveless
itís a cheap pizza place downtown
and theyíve painted the walls fresh
covering a thousand declarations
of undying love
random enlightenment can be found
under a few layers of cheap paint

his name is moses and he is
came here four years ago from jamaica
got lost and couldnít find his way out
such a beautiful labyrinth
this mirage of paradise we call home
so he roams and befriends
but still drifts forever

public transit:
the people move.
in/out over and
weaving a radiant maze
riding a wave of commuters
only to crash against the rocks
unsupported by weightless trails of light

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