Jesper Heed

this little girl comes walkin' down the street.
when i suddenly hear a scream so wild that it could cut through iron like a quicksilver meltdown.
i turn around and see her lyin' on the sidewalk with a big bad policeman tryin' to make his way on her.
so i come to her rescue and tie the bastard up with my golden lariat.
then she gives me a kiss and we're off to the stars.

when she tells me her name is alabama i know for certain that she's a lyin' mean-slappin', horse-grindin', arse-fuckin'
bitch and i give her what she deserves.
then the hours disappear like rain and all of a sudden i find myself standin' naked under a burning palm and i'm up to my knees in choclate and cream.
and in my cold shakin' hands i carry a big paper bag filled with the sweetest candy you could ever imagine.

then she says she don't love me anymore and i go and lick my wounds.
i fill my broken heart with sweet candy and look for a rope.
nothing on the t.v. no, nothing at all.
a stare upon these sad walls.
these sad bare walls won't fall.

then i empty the bottle and my poor head is achin' again.
but until the next time i know i'm back in my dream.
sleeping a sweet baby's sleep.
and i sing to myself in a slow lullaby:

"i won't hollow lower
i won't go no slower
and i won't cry no mo're

cause i am the slow dog
and i ride where i wanna
i look for the prison
in every man's soul

like the child of a demon
or a buddha constrictor
i'll share my darkness
with anyone who dares

and i won't hollow lower
and i won't go no slower
but maybe i will cry some more"

...and like judas would've said:
what a great touchdown, man
and what a grey wonderful day.

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