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Untitled - Adam Spong

Compare myself to the age of rocks
my favour enclosed by stones
measure life
by pure chance
for there is some
body still,
an open shell
which all will
hold the spell
except for blessed bones
which lived inside the shell
for inside was life
and outside was growth

Cream can often clean
when the soul was wipped
for dreaming
it absorbs the day,
away from night
and falls like a blanket of snow
ending sient cool feeling

Thunder tunnels around the bed
my self control milling my head
electrified consumption
is just my own assuption
so light a blaze in your speech
both strandard on a dead end beach
bounce off the entenna
no good
it's clear to see
that this could be a light in your speech
now moving down a path to the reef.

The pretense of misguided faith
the faith I keep away
and when I see that tinge again
it will try to colour my day
I like what
not that I know
so when I need a sudden cause
I pose an instant worthy pause
to place all whiteness behind a fold
but everyone see's I'm lost
so I lost ability to hold
the bread of life is not for me
and the spirit is not red
I never give in
I never sin
to be part of some big picture.

Heart -beat-rhythm

not knowing I had a heartbeat
until your lesson of human
kind, life told by the heart
ans straight to my heart
I found why love is troubled
For love is the rythm
and if the beating is distressed
like mine, the silence is still vibration
as my sporatic, rapid influence
had led love loose and detached
for we love to loose, and gain and hold
until the stroke of midnight beat
when the rythm stops and shows
love is a disease of the heart
and the heartbeat sings together
the sentiments of the universe.

You know I get exited differently
similar to ear poping spirituality
for when exited
I can hear you near
the heartbeat feeds indulgent appetite
you can see by my starvation
that my heart was past compressed
through that release in contact
my heart desires a junpstart
If I ask you to reshape my heart,
for me, then you can form the treatment.
And all the effort I need
for I want someone to help my soul
and show me where to go
for I listen well
in from my ears, to hear you clearer
still, but I am impartial
And I know what you express

saying nothing
but relly saying something

on its own
I ask you because
the memories
are the same
but then again
I shouldn't match
a gret leap, in life.

I'm totally under you're power
There is nothing for me here
But this long wait

will you anticipate
on the dilemma
if it is just an add
and is just my mind

to produce its own from you
for the exitement is in
her blessing
oath is belief
that is belief

I feel
Yet why do I
suffer when I could heak yours
but that would defeat
the purpose
By making my own gain.
Will be the time.

stepping back and look around
the answer is in the heart

Tis kalidoscope always forms your image
the future past present
interlocating tranfer
but being based on faith
my knowledge has no proof for you
To look and evade
to flavour the feeling
to hear with a fade.

Making perfect sense
gained by a crossing
path that lead to each other
for soon
Although not yet
I'm waiting but alone
to laugh at convention
In solitude