Ben Larson, Emily Sims and Eric Trondson-Clinger

Ensemble Text

Ben Our crisis of faith has been building since the late 1960's, when the automatic advance of prosperity became less automatic.
Emily It's strange how I do the smallest things when I'm in a crisis. Crises are so big and I do such small things like bite my nails. I guess it doesn't advance prosperity and become less automatic.
Eric For awhile our automatic clothes dryer was broken and we'd wash the clothes at home then bring the heavy wet clothes to the laundromat down the road a mile by Knowlan's and dry them. While they were drying I'd go to Knowlan's and talk to my friend Cindy who worked there or read all the free publications you can pick up there.
Ben I think that fish are automatic. Especially nowadays. They do everything alone. Especially breathing. Gills help though.
Emily Fish are supposed to be soothing. There were fish at my pediatrician's office. He wasn't a fish doctor. He was a pediatrician, but he still had fish in his office.
Eric Fish forget everything after something like 12 seconds that's why they don't know not to eat the worm on the hook. Sometimes you can throw a fish back and right after you throw it back it'll bite your line again because it's still hungry.
Ben That kind of sounds like the opposite of a computer. A computer remembers something until you shut off the computer or quit without saving. At least on apples that's how it is. So computers are a negative image of fish.
Emily Negative space is too deep for me.
Eric I took a class from a guy who whenever he'd say something funny, he'd look at one of a few people of the class and look at 'em while he said it and look at 'em till they laughed