Jackie Sullivan

if you want him

he's yours

call him cute names
that works for you
tell him of your broken heart
that one works too

by all means tell him
that your daddy left you and your mommy
all alone when you were but a child
and that your mommy doesn't love you like she should
and that your mommy is a slut
and that you don't like the way your mommy's
boyfriend's hand brushed against your breasts
when he reached for the salt
tell him that made you feel "dirty"

be sure to let him know that you need
a big strong man to protect you
from the bad people
it'll make him feel "needed"

whatever you do
don't forget to mention all your sex toys
and talk dirty to the man often
but talk like a little girl when you do it
that way he won't think you're a whore

why, you're just a sweet
misguided young woman
in need of
a father figure
that's it
call him daddy
that oughtta reel him in

let him know what a beautiful human being you are
and how misunderstood you are

don't let the fact that he has
another woman bother you
heavens no
she could never need him as much
as you do
she could never please him
as you could

and when he tells you how that one woman
stole his heart and
broke it
be sure to weep for him
and let him know that if he were
your man
you would never leave him

just play his emotions
like a finely tuned piano
and he'll be yours in no time