Eric Trondson-Clinger

Letter Two

Happy birthday missus Johnson. This is Mister Eric Allen Trondson-Clinger on the eighteenth of September 1994. Yea. So, um....I have leetle to say right now. For I have done nothing as of late. I did my laundry. Mister presidential friend Matthew in town over my last weekend in Minnesota so I hung out with him a couple times. And talked about things. Woooo. I don't know/have anything to write about now, so goodnight for now. I'll write about pinball when I get back. No I haven't met anybody here. Shut-up. Bye.

I've been dreaming a lot. Just now about grocery shopping curving back and forth down the produce aisle zigzag with my cart and a lady opening door lady it's early morning and early Jane is there waiting for the door to open she elementary age student always quiet always early and opening door lady says something I forget what but she is my fifth grade gym teacher. Then at the end of the produce aisle in a astroturf carpeted bin is the ice cream, but they don't have the kind I like and then the phone rings. And about Jenn Hanson friend of 9th 10th grade she of largemouth and lots o' makeup and big nose and she's in front of a camera(video) smiling shaking her head back and forth smiling eyes looking back and forth and everything on her face elongated sideways like. I just woke up. Pinball rules my world.

I had something to say a bit ago and now can't think of what it is. Actually now I am trying to think of anything to take up space. Man. ummm.. Hi. I give up. But I'll tell you about a picture I want to take. A huge field All green and some shit. With hundreds of dogs all gathered around me to lick me to love me to a horrible lovable death. All the dogs happy. I miss Molly, she loves me. And I mass Matty. That's my brother's new cat. He found her outside Her fur all matted (that's why matty) and he brings her inside Gives her a bath. She actually liked it. And he cut off a lot of the matted fur. So now, she's all emaciated and such, she's got this huge furry head. And no neck. And a huge square head beautiful and she comes and lays on my chest when I sleep and I don't sneeze. How wonderful.

But what I was going to say a while ago was my friend Laura. I lost her address (in stolen car) so I called her ma, we chatted a bit. Real friendly motherly friend chat. And she gave me her address and #. So I calls her right? And a wonderful chat of all importance. I love Laura too. I love everybody.

Goodnight missus Johnson. And happy birthday and let all the love be yours.