Anonymous Letter

Dear Boopsie,

You are so great. I was just pondering on the last time we were together. You are oh so funny and oh so witty and oh so tan. I haven't seen you for awhile. Alberto I love you. I hope you don't lose that tan cause that's the only thing that keeps me in love with you. If it wasn't for your tan I would have left you after the first time, well maybe the second time, you shit in my mouth. And I really like your hippie band too. Remember that party at your Greek mother's house and your Latvian father's house. Do ya? I sho do. It was the best night of my life. Da night was moist. Da night was dark. Da night was at night. Da night was in the p.m. Da night was not in the morning. Da night was after afternoon. Da night was da night I fell in love with you and your Latvian father and Greek mother and Filipino daughter. Boopsie, there are many men in my life and women, but dat night beats em all. You make da best dandelion wine this side of the Continental Divide baby. And you're da best squash player I've had the priviledge to know and love. You're da best lover I've had in weeks at least. Well I just you to keep thinking of me cause I'm comin to Florida again and my mouth's wide open baby.

Your Yugoslavian lover,
Ruth Ball