Eric Trondson-Clinger

A Lush's Thoughts at Perkins

Who needs 50's cafeterias when you can have Perkins, any city any place, bringing together all-americans in a nice cozy place, so you can concentrate on the people not the surroundings. Place is unimportant (sometimes of course) people rule this earth and rule my mind. I love everything. In the right mood.

My head itself scalp face whole of my being is numb. I scratch and scratch making sure it is there. I am here, people dont worry, Trondson-Clinger will rule this world with or without the wonder- well no...beautiful M.K. who rules my world. Behind every good man is a rockin' woman who rules him. Short haired beauty of all desire.

People are so smart, smarter than me in their whole or even coupling, but don't let on, they stay in their places and I tell you all this for I want you to know who I am and what I am and I want you to know over this pie and fries that you should not be scared off for only one who knows me, (there are few) can rock me.

one is bad two is good three is weird.

three men alone here and with another could rule this beautiful indescribable world or at least come close.

All people have wisdom and all people can see that wisdom but are lazy maybe? to find it.

I think i pretty much love all.

And they've all given up.

I have fallen out of love with wisdom man next to me.

Now I can feel all movements all, dare I say the word, molecules, and a burp of beer (first in weeks, not rare (that length of time without) but to show all I am not a lush as may have been perceived) and I taste it for all it's original glory, that's all.