10-4-95 thru 10-5-95

Eric Trondson-Clinger


America Today right here and now is the October of 4th, 1995. It is a slow lethargin' not goin' anywhere do anything day. Ah well. So here we have the beautiful little Pearson and the little not of the knowing where that came from. Ah well. Ah well. I could sleep for a thousand years, yes, but the leather boots I don't think I could handle, especially if they're shiny. All anybody wants is freedom, all anybody gets is freedom. Because she gets what she wants and she wants what she gets, but she's never satisfied. She is large, girl. She goes on with her bad self. While I sit and wait in the interior, working too, and it's all just fine fine fine with me. Complacency is unrockin' and unrollin' my unrockinrulin' world. Coffee is the answer to my troubles today. Mania answers everything. If you're quick enough to handle the onslaught brainmurders. Yeah...so?


Ok it could be later, I forget, the other was much too long ago to be worth rememberin'. So I have to wait until it comes back. Out wanderlusting while I go home and lie in my bed staring at ceiling or fish, waiting. All night long. Ya know it's awful easy to sit around and wait and wait and I think I meant to say something else, but who can remember anything anymore. I forget what I want. I forget what I have. So sitting dumb and remembrances stay out till 3am getting loopy, lovin ladies and sitting around, again, waiting for the night to end and the sleep of all ages. After the pages.


Ok I guess I write lately of the nothing to write. type. shite. The long i (ayyeee) (with no [e]) (you know ë) So much easier, this damned place is so damned horrible. Oct. 31? No that's bad luck. Nov. 1? Tho that a Wednesday (volleyball on Wed.). This Pearson thing so strange now. I can't tell anymore. You're thinkin' too much, callin' too much. Wantin' too much, but that's ok, just get a hold on there dear boy and don't call her when down. And get off when there is nothing elses to say. Limit it to the good times, then she'll be the sehr happy and you know what that makes you don't you?

Happy. And then you rock.