My New Mouse Farley

Eric Trondson-Clinger

I am the fartknocker of all. I am going to run this horrid thing till the dust has settled on fifty hot girlies. Or something to that effect. I can't quite recall for now, is the time of my life. where I don't know quite what to do. Lots of dust and such and how the life goes. It's up to noone. me, I don't know it's hard to be going on and on but sometimes you have to do that to rule those fucks. Fuck. ahright. I need the cleanliness and the writeousness (heh heh) and the HAIRCUT. yes the hair cut. cut the hair. Farley the mouse knowing what's going on cause he kicks the other guys ass. and keeps himself well, waiting for me to get that female piece for him. Smart guy that farley.