Two Holy

Sick MornEric Trondson-Clinger
Jesus Built My Hot RodDevor M. Barton
My New Mouse FarleyEric Trondson-Clinger
MammyEric Trondson-Clinger
Joe Christ's Custom-made ChopsticksBen Ohmart
Pen and DirtBen Ohmart
Some DayEric Trondson-Clinger
Rhyming Poems!Eric Trondson-Clinger
(titled)Ben Ohmart
Hiding Out on Halloween: Videos to Ease the GuiltDrew Feinberg
Cramped PlanesEric Trondson-Clinger
Three PoemsEric Trondson-Clinger
The Random PageEric Trondson-Clinger
fortify m;ystrengthhmmm?. .Eric Trondson-Clinger
Bus Stop (26k)Eric Trondson-Clinger
Elementary School StoriesEric Trondson-Clinger
Ninth Grade Irish Group Beer ShitEric Trondson-Clinger
LettersEric Trondson-Clinger
Film ClassEric Trondson-Clinger
La La Love Ya (74k)Eric Trondson-Clinger
10-5 thru 10-4, 1995Eric Trondson-Clinger

Note: Titles followed by size are photographs.