Sick Morn

Eric Trondson-Clinger

I always wake up in the morning singing, "Sick morn, achy achy achy achy achy, sick morn, achy achy achy achy achy, B A, G F E D C, B A, G F E D C. Like that. Then I go down to breakfast and eat and ask ma, Can we go see the play with Johnny? Can we go see the play with Johnny? And she gets mad, he's not in the play anymore, he's not in the play anymore, So i say can we go pick him up in the car? Can we. Is he at the zoo? or on the ride?. Johnny always see, he goes to the ride "Tilt-a-whirl" and brings his strings and stands in the middle singing then big man in a dancing costume comes and says you gotta go, i'm the responsible one. you gotta go. Johnny says I'm supposed to be singing, I haven't sung yet, what do ya mean? No, you gotta go, now. I'm responsible. You can't just interrupt Sick Morn. And he starts singing again, sick B morn A, achy G achy F achy E achy D achy C, sick B morn A. But then the big dancing man really means it and ma has to take Johnny and get him clean. cleaned up cleaned up cleaned up. yes yes.Or we go to the zoo. There he is write in there with the chimpanzees, this time making a speech. "four score and a boom boom. zooma zooma zooba dee doo. cause this time is the right time for all good men to aid their big horn selves and come together naturally, for right here right now there is no better place to be than to wake up in the morn, sick and achy and singing. " But ma says he aint here, he aint in town even, he went to Cosmos and Mortonville to pick something up for his friends. "what he pickin up?" "I don't know" What is it" " I don't know, I need to go now" and she leaves so I finish eating and watch tv and fold papers. 2 times the long way, 3 times the short way, then 1 time and 1 time and 4 times and 4 times, but i can never get to 4 times, but when i'm older i will. I'm just too short now. and then mom comes back and she has a new car and she tells me to jump in and we go riding, like my father and we go by locust st., madison st., sherburne ave, thomas ave, bartelmy lane, gwenyth circle, gwenyth court, harvester st, 33rd ave, upton ave, and my favorite, elker lane. So i ask 'can we go to the zoo?" ' no ' 'can we go to the fair ' ' no '' ' i want the fair ' ' the fair aint here, aint seen hide nor hair of the fair ' so i start to get sick then and make my mess this time i even lose it all, my really bad shittypissymess. ma gets real mad, new car and all and throws me out and i have to walk home. she waits at the next corner for me but before i'm even there she takes off for the next block. she says that really pisses her off. so i walk slow.