Some Day

Eric Trondson-Clinger

Today is the greatest day i ever did know. What ever It is the day of the tessa wedding and the run around (tie clean pants iron etcetera etcetera hard hard word to type. that one der is. So to hopkins for the mister brother to work new job of sales fruit fruit and mo' mo' fruit and then home and man this is a crazy day. But tonight the reception and the party of none other. But the ride home unknown so not too bad. but good enough for me. Bye bye bye bye bye bye bye b e bye byeb ye

That and the goddamn missed claptondance makes this saturday of 16 july the regretful, not down down but down enough for sad windfall days. Always borrowing and borrowing never the juice, Um i think we've been through this before. Boy. Fuck...

And now the after jenn hangout with the talks of gloried crushes and the messed explanation of the M. experience. The Am fuckup. So pitiful you the rockingest man this side of Toronto. What pitiful sorrowful ways. WAY.WAY.! So now the sarah L. get together for there is no reason to stay in Minnesota apple of my eye, need to move on. movin' on down that road. Need gloried trips with FRIENDS not friends. but the glory ones of High and later i mean earlier. But that even is months away. Many months of lonely and shit. wonderful puberty filled days of pus lust and mastery.