Three Poems

Eric Trondson-Clinger

All the small little Pig's Eye's in this world
And my tragic? ick no pause sense of hugeness
The little huge big 13 feet of my edgeful gaze
The long cool stare

The strung out waiting with beautiful notes of singing
Big beautiful world of all small importances

Today was just a carnival.
My old tired bones leavening my old harried brain.
Listless boy cramming his nights.
With all too much sincerity.
Or the lack of their boy, hangin on to his boyglory.

Ok, I got my face freshly scrubbed sittin' on the floor.
and you don't hate leaving like I hate leaving.
I push prod stall wait, always wanting more.
I dig too much and too often, but
Doug aint wantin' any or anymo'.